Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness in Wisconsin Firms and Projects

A Wisconsin Architecture Collaboration

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The DEI Challenge is a joint project with Wisco NOMA and AIA Wisconsin to challenge Wisconsin firms to commit to actively take steps towards fostering a professional and built environment that supports racial justice, social responsibility, diversity, and inclusion.



Companies who commit to the DEI Challenge are required to become a financial supporter and corporate partner of Wisco NOMA. These funds will be used to further encourage diversity and equity in Wisconsin Architecture, Design, and Construction projects.

Participating companies and organizations are also required to self-report their progress annually to be recognized as an allied member. Each of the 10 categories has a range of points that can be achieved. A total of 70 points results in your firm's recognition as a successful partner of the DEI Challenge.


Partner and/or collaborate on projects with architecture firms that are Black-owned or owned by underrepresented people of color

10 points per project

50 points max


Provide paid internships for architecture students from historically Black design schools (HBCUs), or Black and underrepresented people of color from local architecture schools.

5 points per intern


Develop a mentorship program within firm or participate in outside mentoring program to connect and support Black and underrepresented people of color in their career development within the profession.

20 points


Include Black & underrepresented people of color in company-wide marketing marketing materials, social media, and publications to increase representation and recognition of employee contributions to projects and to the firm.

10 points


Provide pro-bono design services and hands-on contributions to underserved communities (Black and underrepresented people of color) by partnering up with local grass-roots organizations.

5 points per project

20 points max


Create project teams that include Black owned or underrepresented persons of color in an prime, partner, or sub-consultant role

10 points per project

50 points max


Increase recruitment of Black and underrepresented people of color for design staff, leadership, and total number of professionals at the firm.

5 points per new hire


Increase career advancement of Black and underrepresented people of color to management and leadership positions. Publish and uphold objective, clearly-defined path-to-leadership job descriptions, made accessible to all staff.

10 points per person


Conduct diversity training for all staff and commit to the on-going work of developing cultural competency, both at the individual level and organizational level.

5 points per session

10 points max


Support WiscoNOMA, AIA Wisconsin, and/or Wisconsin Architects Foundation diversity programs through volunteerism. Opportunities include WiscoNOMA's Project Pipeline, K-12 outreach/ Architects in schools, and continuing education

2 points per project

10 points max